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How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

It’s vacation season! Time to leave behind worries of work deadlines, kids’ homework and house repairs and prepare for some serious downtime. Whether your vacation is a road trip to national parks filled with rigorous hikes and serious sightseeing or a beach holiday where the most daytime activity planned is some good reading under the warm sun, it’s time to suspend reality and prepare for some fun!

You’ll feel your best on vacation if you don’t let your healthy eating habits fly out the window as you head onto the freeway onramp. Are we suggesting you don’t splurge? Of course not. But eating as healthy as possible when you’re not splurging leaves plenty of room for those special dinners and treats everyone looks forward to on vacation.

Here’s how to keep nutrition up and calories down—or at least steady—while you’re enjoying your summer getaway.

Bring your own snacks along. There’s no need to buy expensive and unhealthy airport or convenience store snacks if you pack your own munchies. Pack snacks like these Honey Crunch Energy Bars with Wheat Germ, trail mix and fruit.

Opt for a condo or suite with a kitchen. Eating out for every meal adds up fast—financially and calorically. Book a room or suite with a kitchen or even just a microwave and fridge, and you can drastically cut expenses and add nutrition to your vacation diet. Bring along or pick up healthy cereals, granola, yogurt, bagels or whole wheat bread, peanut butter and Kretschmer Wheat Germ to sprinkle on top, and you’ll start your day with more nutrition and less fat and calories than you would if you ate at the hotel breakfast buffet.

Splurge on lunch instead of a big dinner. Consider trying that new restaurant for lunch rather than dinner. You’ll be less likely to load up on heavy, filling dishes if you know you are headed back to the pool or out to do more sightseeing. Also consider doing a little research to find restaurants in the area that offer healthier menu choices.

Enjoy the fruits of the season. Staying near a farmers market or fruit or vegetable stand? Load up with fresh berries, peaches, cherries—any summer fruit or veggie that you can grab and go.

Drink lots of water. Sometimes when the scenery and the schedule change, those simple things we do at home, like making sure there’s a glass of water close by to drink throughout the day, are quickly forgotten. Hydrating is especially important on vacation to help keep your energy up. Drinking water also helps you stay satiated longer, so you won’t be so tempted to grab snacks out of the hotel’s vending machine.