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Top 7 Health Tips for Men

Many men find ways to put their health on the back burner throughout their lives. In their twenties, they feel invincible; in their thirties and forties, they’re busy with families and often stressful jobs. Then in their fifties, sixties and seventies, ignoring their health starts to take a toll, and they begin to decline.

It’s never too early—or too late—to start taking care of yourself mentally and physically. Below we’ve listed seven top ways to stay healthy, whether you’re starting at 20 or 70.

1. Visit your doctor for annual check-ups and health screenings. Many men don’t like to go to the doctor—some don’t like to spend the time or money, while others avoid it on the chance a doctor might find something that is concerning. It’s important to have a doctor monitor and track changes in your body and overall health. Get screened for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, and know your body mass index, or BMI. Certain diseases and conditions don’t show symptoms until it’s too late, so be proactive: The sooner you learn about any possibly health-threatening conditions, the more likely you are to avoid bigger problems down the road.

2. Get your ZZZs. Not getting enough sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression. So instead of burning the midnight oil, listen to your body and hit the lights early enough to ensure you get at least seven hours of sleep a night.

3. Stop smoking and avoid heavy drinking.  Quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits. Men who quit smoking by 30 add 10 years to their life. Also keep alcohol consumption in check. For men 65 and younger, drinking in moderation means no more than two drinks per day. Men older than 65 should have no more than one drink a day.

4. Exercise! Staying active throughout your life is one of the most powerful ways to remain healthy and live longer. Exercising just 30 minutes a day most days of the week can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. If you can’t get out to get some exercise, try these indoor workouts.

5. Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese can raise your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. And watch that belly fat: Men with a waist size of more than 40 inches may have higher chances of developing diseases related to obesity such as diabetes and heart disease. Try these weight loss strategies to lose those extra pounds.

6. Cook meals from scratch and include plenty of nutrient-dense foods. Knowing exactly what goes into your body by cooking meals from scratch can go a long way in helping you stay healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables; grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, barley, quinoa and wheat germ; and low-fat or fat-free milk products. These foods are packed with vitamins and minerals, giving you energy and helping lower your risk of certain diseases. Check out Kretschmer Wheat Germ’s healthy recipes for delicious, nutritional dishes.

7. Manage stress. Balancing work and family can spike stress levels, so it’s important to find healthy strategies to cope with stress. The tips above all offer great ways to get you started. In addition, remember to enjoy the good things in life: Laugh with your friends and family, and take time to slow down and enjoy those important to you.